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Inedo HQ
56 Front St. Upper
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For his own good, and for your codebase’s.

Every team has a Chad. He means well, and even codes well. Sometimes.

Chad just doesn’t grok why using the wrong NuGet package will lead to lots of problems that you will have to deal with.

This can become a real problem, real fast.

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Endless Vulnerabilities 

New security vulnerabilities are discovered every day, and some packages have dozens of vulnerabilitiesChad lets these in, and bad actors get your data. 

License Nightmares

The Gallery includes thousands of GPL-licensed packages and, worse yet, totally unlicensed ones. Chad uses one, and you end up in court.

Low Quality Everywhere

Whether logging a library you don’t need or yet another JSON parser, there are tons of junk packages in the Gallery. Do you trust Chad to find the good ones?

There are almost four million ways Chad can screw up your codebase if he’s allowed to run amok in the NuGet Gallery. Don’t waste your time fixing his mistakes. This guide shows you how to use automation to block Chad’s mistakes at every turn—with almost no extra effort from you.